RAKUGAKI – No Brakes

Animation, Video


Originally a video for TRAINROBBERS – BREAKS GONE

I felt a lot of my animation was going unseen.

This remix version is a much more personal film, read into it what you will.
The soundtrack is myself playing self-taught guitar, I felt the scrappyness of the soundtrack resonated with the scrappyness of the animation, both were created with not much care.

Hope it can resonate with you. Enjoy.

Canary Wharf Summer Screen

Animation, Artwork, Uncategorized, Video

I animated and directed these short films for the Canary Wharf Summer Screen.

The brief was to highlight Shopping, Lifestyle, Roof Garden and Food.

They were all rolled into one music video type animation to play on the screens, with a soundtrack by the talented Foundrel.


I was also helped by talented animators Jody Haslam, Ed Leicester and Andy Rev.



Character Animators: Jodie Haslam, Ed Leicester and Andy Rev.

Soundtrack: Foundrel

Direction and animation: Jack Dubben